Home of the Bucks County Blazing Dragons™

Bucks County Dragon Boat Association (BCDBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote the sport of Dragon Boating in our region and aid the community’s various charitable organizations.

BCDBA is focused on inspiring personal growth, community integration and enhanced awareness of the natural environment through the adventures of dragon boating. BCDBA fosters the enjoyment of the waterways of Bucks County through formal and informal educational training programs. Our goal is to attract like-minded individuals whose values are consistent with our mission.

Our Vision

Dragon Boating is our passion. We started Bucks County Dragon Boat Association with the vision of being a non-exclusive club with a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all levels of dragon boat racing.  There is much more to this sport than just a great day on the water. Dragon boat racing is about teamwork, camaraderie, excitement, competition, family and community.  Our favorite thing about dragon boating is seeing someone try it for the very first time. They get off the boat with a huge smile and can’t wait to get back on the boat again. We call it, “getting bit by the dragon”.  This club has already given us so many unexpected gifts. Teammates have become our family and we hosted the first ever dragon boat festival in Bucks County in September 2015.

Our vision for the future is seeing all of our members excel and achieve the level of success they envision for themselves.  We will be right next to them, supporting them!

Bucks County Dragon Boat Association (BCDBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization:

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