Beginner Program

Please check back at a later time for information regarding our 2024 Beginner Program.

Each Spring, Bucks Dragon Boat hosts a multi-week beginner dragon boat program at both Core Creek Park and Peace Valley Park in Bucks County. This popular program is called our Lightning Program. Here, we teach you dragon boat safety, basic technique and how to paddle in sync with your teammates. All equipment is provided. You will get to actually paddle in a dragon boat being coached by members of Bucks Dragon Boat. On the last night of your program, you will participate in an actual race night held at Core Creek Park in Langhorne. You will race against the other Lightning Beginner Programs and get the real feel of actually being on a race course. It is exciting and exhilarating. After your Lightning Beginner Program ends, if you choose to join a Bucks team, we will provide you with information on how to join our club. Follow us on all social media platforms and check back for updates to our website for additional 2024 beginner program dates, registration info and locations.