Member Testimonials

Let’s hear from some of our Bucks Dragon Boat members:

“I have only been on one other team besides Bucks. So, I have a limited point of reference.  However, the coaching is top notch. My skill level and fitness has greatly improved. Sounds crazy because I was on a team that practiced 3 times a week and now I’m on Team Fury and we practice 1 time a week- and we’re still competitive.  The friendships are inexplicable- you have to join in order to understand- but I think my pictures from Mercer 21 and Mercer 22 captures it.” -Lisa Guy-Britt


“When I joined Bucks Dragon Boat I had experienced some changes in my life. I was looking to meet some new friends in a healthy, fun and sports minded environment. I was hooked from the first meeting. It seemed like a lot of us were in the same “boat” so to speak and I made connections immediately. There is nothing like being on the water, on a beautiful summer night with 20 other like minded women, it’s a blast. The club was founded and is run by dedicated men and women, who are committed the sport. The coaching staff is the best in dragon boating. There is something for all levels and if you want to compete, our Fusion team placed 4th in the World!!” -Ellen Stieve

“I love being a member of Bucks County Dragon Boat Association.  I have made so many great friends during my 6 years as a member. I love competing and being part of a team. It’s so much fun practicing every week with these amazing, strong, and dedicated women. Competitions are so exciting and winning and bringing home metals makes it even more special. The organization always focuses on the team and coaches love teaching and making us better paddlers. Love my team!!!”- Gail Yamin

“At Bucks Dragon Boat, I am surrounded by the finest kinds of people: ones who work hard, and play hard, and support one another both on and off the boat. Off the boat, we are nurses, lawyers, daycare workers, janitors and retired grandparents, but on the boat we are simply one collective unit, all working together to move the boat faster. It’s magical how paddling together makes us united in spirit. I wouldn’t trade my dragon family for anything in the world.  At my age, there are not many places where you can find a place to compete, together, in a group like this.  There is something about being on the boat with 19 other people, putting paddles in together in sync, dragging them through the water, and carrying the boat forward with the force of our strokes, that makes this sport feel magnificent. An hour of doing this makes me so exhausted, that I’m barely able to stand when I come off the boat. But, I look around at the end of practice, and I can see that we are all feeling exhilarated with our efforts. That shared feeling is what keeps me coming back time after time.” -Christine Kerrigan